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Introducing Power for Democracies 

We are a new pro-democracy research initiative aiming to protect and strengthen liberal democracies – based in Berlin, with a global scope. In order to defend and advance democracies, we research, analyse, and publish highly effective pro-democracy projects by civil society organizations. This will require aggregating and analysing existing research results as well as conducting and commissioning new research. 

As a result, we aim to publish recommendations that private, institutional, and civil society actors may use in deciding how and where to allocate their limited resources to serve democracies best. And by doing that, to support highly relevant and effective civil society initiatives, which have lacked attention and support.

Why do we think an organization like Power for Democracies is needed? 

Liberal democracies worldwide are being challenged in many ways, resulting in an urgent need for civil society and citizens to engage effectively. While the challenges are broad and complex, there is little by way of scientific evidence or practitioners’ consensus on how to best and most effectively protect and strengthen democratic norms and institutions. In particular, there are few well-established methodologies for evaluating the strategies and tactics used by civil society actors – and few evidence-based recommendations that donors can rely on. Power for Democracies aims to close some of these gaps. 

Who is behind Power for Democracies? 

Power for Democracies was recently founded by Markus N. Beeko (former Secretary General of Amnesty International in Germany) together with Stefan Shaw and Stephan Schwahlen, the founders of the philanthropy advisory and co-founders of Power for Democracies initial funding was supplied by small family foundations and individuals from Germany and Switzerland who wish to make an effective contribution in support of liberal democracies worldwide. 

We need your Power for Democracies! 

We are recruiting for our global, diverse, and passionate team. If you are interested in joining a results-orientated endeavour, please check out our current vacancies on our job portal.

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How can I stay in touch with Power for Democracies? 

We are gearing up for the official launch of Power for Democracies. If you would like to stay in touch, register for our updates: